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Color Egde’s Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner delivers softness and shine with Avocado Oil to smooth rough, dry hair at an affordable price.

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Johnny B is a professional haircare product line made specifically for those that love that “classic” look.

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Azul Tools

for Long Hair by Greg Best



Stylists strive for subtle variations – both in haircolor and shape of curls and waves. Until now, standard perming rods created only uniform, unnatural-looking curls. Finally…a soft curl & wave texture rod roller that has undulating thicknesses and tapers to mimic the variations of natural curls and waves from scalp to ends on long hair.

Simple application gives modulated, gently varying waves to hair. Great for perming or setting hair. Easy-to-use lightweight and comfortable texture rods attach to themselves without clips or bands.

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Greg Best's Azul Tools gave Sarah's long hair beautiful, soft curls and waves.

Our Products
Our Products

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